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This Logan is played simultaneously at different points in his lifetime, being that his long and busy life lends to all kinds of adventures and period fiction, but if your character should cross paths with him early on in his life don't be surprised if he has no recollection when/if he sees you again.

He is based on comics canons, presently borrowing from Earth-1610 (the Ultimate Marvel Universe) while his forgotten past is as told in Origin: The True Story of Wolverine, and many other pieces of Wolverine's long and complicated character bio. I use a few movie graphics, but let me assure you this is not a movieverse muse.

1800'sLogan was born James Howlett some time in the early 1800's in what is now Alberta, Canada. The assumed son of a wealthy land owner, James Howlett Sr, Logan was a small sickly boy who saw little of his mother and was looked after by a small staff. In truth Logan was actually the child of his known mother and the family's grounds keeper, Mr Logan; a violent widower, a drunk and father of another son. When Logan's biological father and half brother struck out against the Howletts his adoptive father Howlett Sr. was killed and Logan's dormant mutation surfaced upon witnessing his father's execution. Enraged, young Logan killed his biological father and severely wounded his half brother. Forced to flee home with Rose, the tutor his wealthy family had hired, he adopted the name Logan to hide his former self. Logan lived for many years in hiding with Rose --his only friend and his first love, until her accidental and untimely death. Upon losing Rose, Logan pulled away from civilization altogether and was last seen absconding into the Canadian Rockies.
During the rest of the 1800's he made his way across the continent and around the world, settling into the lifestyle of a worker and a drifter with the skills and knowledge he'd obtained under the tutelage of a man named Smitty --a miner whom had become his father-figure prior to the death of Rose.
WWILogan's history between his birth and his work with the military is speculative at best, though he is known to have fought in several wars for both Canadian and American forces. According to Tony Stark’s dossiers for the President’s daily intelligence briefing, “Wolverine… was a decorated soldier in… World War I.” He was documented to have fought in the 1st Canadian Division at the Battle of Ypres.
WWIIIn WWII Logan fought under the Canadian flag until his exploits had him stationed with "the Devil’s Brigade"; a historical group that fought in as a joint American-Canadian commando unit. His work for the military during this time would put him in league with Steve Rogers, and a young Nick Fury while also temporarily landing him in a Concentration Camp in Sobibor, Poland.
Weapon XLogan's military heroism landed him a special ops group called Team X, which involuntarily lead to his involvement in the weapon X program and dashed his efforts at beginning a quiet livelihood with a Canadian aboriginal woman known as SilverFox. The Weapon X Program is responsible for Logan's title "worlds most dangerous mutant". The program equipped him with his adamantium enhancements as well as many more operative skills such as his limited ability to "feel" and "shut out" telepaths. The program is also responsible for the innumerable neuro-implants which have seriously compromised Logan's long term memory. While he has some recollection of escaping the compound much of his previous memory was lost.
The Brotherhood
Returning to the life of a drifter Logan with his fragmented memory soon found he earned a living doing dirty work, until he was offered steady work as an assassin for The Brotherhood of Mutants through Magneto himself. In accordance with Magneto's plans they allowed the resurgent Weapon X Program to capture Logan again.
The X-MenThe newly formed X-Men believed they were coming to Logan's rescue when they freed him from the Program, unaware that he was there under Magneto's orders and had now infiltrated their team with intent to kill Charles Xavier. Unfortunately, either Xavier's ideals, his incredible telepathic power or the promise of uncovering Logan's fractured past would reform Logan enough to fail his mission under Magneto and align with the X-Men in so much as being an on-again-off-again teammate, since his original intention for joining their ranks and an attempt on Scott Summer's life has made for some rocky relationships with fellow X-Men.
PresentUnfortunately or not, Logan does not remember much of his life before the Weapon X program. Now he spends much of his time piecing together his memories and trying to reconcile his past with his present. Logan has been known to affiliate with a number of other superhero teams from the X-men to the Avengers. While Logan has many acquaintances, only a handful of people know him closely and for his own sanity or the safety of those around him he still mostly regards himself as a loner.

player.I prefer writing in 3rd person, but don't mind 1st if we're just starting out or museboxing etc. If you're looking for icons I take requests, but please, I'd appreciate it if you didn't swipe the icons I've made specifically for my muses from my own comics collection. Thanks.
disclaimer.Logan / Wolverine is a fictional character and all likenesses are owned by Marvel Comics and their respective creators. Not me. (roxi) No profit is made off this journal, and it is used strictly for online gaming. Character & player are legal adults.
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